Celine Dion

Celine Dion has launched her new gender-neutral clothing line for children's by promoting a video of her getting arrested on her Instagram profile.




This new brand is a partnership between Dion and the kids fashion brand nununu. According to Dion the aims of this brand is to "liberate children from the traditional roles of boy/girl," from source: company's website.


Though Dion thinks this brand is going to revolutionise the Kids clothing market, people on the other hand have not accepted it with open arms, Dion is been criticised a lot and has been called "Satan" by some of the comments on youtube.
Some of them said

"Keep Celine Dion away from your children full stop."
"The satanist are out full scale! Right in your face!"
"SICK. never again will I listen to any of her music its gone !!!!"
"She sold her soul. They admit they are bringing New World Order."

Dion is a mom to three children, Nelson and Eddy, 8, and Rene-Charles Angelil, 17. 

Now how hit this brand is going to be we dont know, but what we know is children are beautiful so let's not scare them with skull pictures. 


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